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Our passion is helping YOU use social media to market and grow your business through our social media management services and trainings.

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Your online presence tells people who you are, what you do, and what you offer.

Whether your business is big or small, a clear and relevant presence on social media is vital to success in today’s world.

With all the decisions your business faces, social media management can seem overwhelming! 

The good new is, we can help. 

From Facebook to Pinterest, we offer options to help you establish, improve, and expand your online presence. 

Fresh Impact has the expertise and experience to help your business make an impact online.

Your success is our success!

Fresh Impact Offers a Suite of Social Media Services & Trainings

Fresh Impact Social Media Management Advertising Training

Fresh Impact offers complete done-for-you full-service social media advertising and management.

Fresh Impact Social Media Management Learn To Do Services

Fresh Impact offers in-person as well as online trainings and tools for the do-it-yourselfer. 

What Others Say


"The recommendations you have given my company for our social media plan far exceeded my expectations. It is wonderful to have a step by step approach to our strategy. The level of understanding that you have taken upon yourself to know about my specific industry has really shown me that you are committed to our performance and reaching our goals."

Nina Halls 

/ Ardor Boutique & Design by Nina


Words cannot express how much I appreciate Kim! She has been an invaluable member of my support team, building my social media visibility through consistency, creativity, and constantly staying on top of the ever-changing rules of Facebook, LinkedIn and Google. Because Kim has taken over my daily posts, my time has been freed up to do what God created me to do through coaching, speaking and writing. If you simply do not have enough hours in each day to build a strong social media presence, which is a crucial part of any business plan, I highly recommend Kim for your team!

Susan Tolles

/ The Flourishing Life


I have worked with Kim VanderPoel several times particularly with the development of imagery for my business page. She's also answered numerous questions for me SM related and has a wonderful group that I recommend you join. What you'll get from Kim is kindness, fairness, professionalism and a person who knows the ins and outs of this SM world and will support you whether you are an individual, a small business or a larger corporation. I highly recommend her.

Lisa Shaw

/ Certified Personal & Executive Coach

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If you feel like the content you use to promote your business blends in with a zillion other posts, we invite you to join our community of business owners who are learning to use social media in a way that is fresh, authentic, and impactful.

Grow Your Biz Community Facebook Group is like having your own dedicated social media team right by your side. This high-impact, closed group is a community of small business owners who are ready to #MakeAnImpact online and within their sphere of influence.

Each week we provide you with discussion starters, social media tips, and lots of other fun stuff that will help YOUR BUSINESS stay active and engaged on social media. A place where we join together to share valuable tips and resources with each other.