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Kindness isn’t one of those things we think about every day. And rarely do we think about it having profound effect on the world around us. Kindness is in fact, often underrated and disregarded. This is in part because people who are kind are often viewed as “enablers” or “suckers” by the cynical.

In this fast-paced world, kindness and compassion take a back seat. Selfies, self-interest and interacting through the online world only keeps us from being kind.

Many people today are so absorbed in their own life that they often forget how powerful being kind to others can be. Most don’t expect others to go out of their way and do something for them and not expect any reward or recognition in return.

Kindness is one of the essentials to our existence. From birth we are nurtured in kindness. Therefore, kindness is a part of our DNA.

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