Meet the CEO

Meet the CEO

Have you ever felt an enthusiasm and excitement so big you knew you your life was about to change?

That is exactly what I felt when I started my first Social Media Management course in 2014. In those moments I knew I could help others transform their business through social media. 

As I began to explore this new field I discovered my knowledge level, skills, and passion for serving others aligned perfectly with this new profession. Having been a nurse for many years, I understand the need for proactive approaches and individualized support. 

This drive to change focus from nursing to social media management came on the heals of a Triple-Negative Breast Cancer diagnosis.  In 2008, I was given a 30% chance of survival, and it was then that I began asking myself, “What’s most important in my life if I am to survive?” I loved being a nurse, a mother and wife, but wondered if there was more?

My more became a desire to create in a way that aligned with my values… 

In late 2014, Fresh Impact Social Marketing was launched. From the beginning it was important to me to create a business I was passionate about while incorporating the small-town values I'd learned from my Minnesota upbringing; the importance of relationships, integrity, quality services, and fair pricing. 

These are the values at the core of my business still today. I am passionate about serving my team and my clients with excellence. Our standards and values have grown as we’ve grown.

What I do…

Innovation, creativity, and caring for others have always been my greatest strengths. Since the launch of Fresh Impact, I've been using these skills to help businesses grow using social media marketing.  

Ever since I was a child, my two favorite loves were learning and caring for others. Now, as an adult, I get to combine my two passion Every. Single. Day. 

My ambition to learn is matched by my desire to provide quality services to my clients.

What Fresh Impact can do for you… 

At Fresh Impact, we don't just check things off the list...we are 100% invested in your business. We treat your business like it's our business. 

We help business owners overcome the overwhelm with the many facets of online marketing. My team and I equip the business owner with the skills and or services needed to compete in today's online world by offering training, consulting, as well as full service support.

We excel at anticipating the needs of our clients business through diagnosis of market research. We tailor prescriptive strategies based on your objectives and goals. We also pride ourselves in having the ability to take the things that are working well for your marketing and build upon.

We strive to make all of our clients feel cared for and confident that their marketing goals are being met.

If you are looking for a fresh, personalized and individualized approach to your social media marketing, I would love to have a conversation. 

Recently a client shared with me that when working us, she feels cared for AND is meeting her marketing goals. What a delight to hear!

“Kim and Fresh Impact Social Marketing are one of my hot referrals to anyone in need of social media support. They always make me feel cared from AND I know with their support I am meeting my marketing goals” ~ Happy Client

What a delight to hear! Thanks happy client

Kim VanderPoel CEO Fresh Impact with Kim
Kim VanderPoel, nurse

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