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Tiffany Henderhorst

Virtual Assistant


A little about me....I am married to a firefighter & mom of two awesome kiddos. My little family is my WHY! Working from home is a huge benefit to my family and the crazy fire life we lead. I made the switch to virtual professional work after 15 + years in corporate life for the best interest of my family but I also enjoy the work and the relationships I have built with my clients. I love using my skills to help others grow their business and to be successful. When I am not using my virtual superpowers to relieve stress for my clients, I am enjoying a baseball game with the family, dabbling in a new essential oils recipe or planning our next family trip.

Tiffany Herderhorst

As a virtual professional, I still get to contribute to our income and enjoy the work while spending time with my family and it accommodates our busy schedules.

I am an energetic Virtual Professional offering entrepreneurs a chance to leave the to-do list behind. As an entrepreneur, you have so much on your plate. I can rock your to-do list while you focus on your business goals. Let’s work together to grow your business. How can I serve you?

Emily Pogue

Author and Freelance Writer

Emily Pogue is an author and freelance writer who lives on her little piece of the prairie with her husband and son. Understanding the importance of words from a young age, Emily has translated that knowledge into a freelance writing business that helps clients grow through language. While her creative work is largely done for others, she has plans to write and publish a children’s book. When not creating content for her clients nationwide, Emily enjoys reading, playing board and card games with her family, and experiencing all 4 of the seasons the Midwest offers.

Kelsey VanderPoel

Instagram Specialist and Content Creator

Hey guys! My name is Kelsey and as resemblances run strong in our family, I’m sure many of you can guess that I’m Kim’s daughter. All I can say is that working with your mom definitely gives you an insight into the busy life of the business world but I truly can’t complain! It’s been great getting to connect with my mom and her clients and making so many wonderful connections. Fresh impact offers me great flexibility as I finish up my last couple of classes at the University of South Dakota. I’ll be graduating with a double major in Spanish and Biology and I can’t wait to continue to explore opportunities related to those fields as they come! You’ll often find me with shopping (Starbucks in hand of course), hanging out at home, baking, playing with dogs or on a run! Although I seem to always be heading somewhere, don’t hesitate to reach out and connect. I love getting to meet new people!

Kelsey VanderPoel

Amanda Robb

Instagram Specialist and Content Creator

Hello All! My name is Amanda Robb and I help out with all things graphics here at Fresh Impact. I was born and raised in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and am a Midwest girl through and through. I graduated with AAS degree in Media Design Technology and Administrative Assistant from Southeast Technical Institute in 2015 & 2016.

I am an extremely organized & creative person… which is actually an odd combination (but I embrace it!) I like creating branded pieces for clients. It is so important to have consistency in your brand pieces (printed and digital) that you put out into the world!

When I am not designing you can usually find me outside running on our local bike trail, watching football (SKOL VIKINGS) or spending time with my husband, friends or family!

Amanda Robb

Dana Wohlwend

Business Manager and Technology Specialist

My background is certainly eclectic.  I have a BS in Human Development, Child and Family Services – emphasis Early Childhood, an Accounting minor and an Industrial Management masters.  I graduated with 168 credits when I needed 120. I love learning on all topics.  I took many courses that weren’t strictly required because they intrigued me.  In a work situation, I want to learn every aspect of my responsibilities and the aspects of other’s responsibilities as well.

I have done many jobs and all of them have provided me with insight and knowledge that has made me who I am today.  I have been a library assistant, pizza maker, retail clerk, daycare provider, purchaser, teacher, coordinator, test center supervisor, tour guide and menu planner! I have brought new enrollment system online, sourced over 10 different testing organizations to expand our revenue stream, developed websites and social media strategies, managed employees, bookkeeping and reporting, and there is always something more to learn.

In all of my journeys, I have developed a deep relationship with Christ.  I have come to put all other characteristics or experiences by which I have a label to the side to embrace that I am a follower of Christ. This designation drives who I am and what I do.  I believe that God brings about opportunities and relationships and that, with due diligence on my part, place me where I need to be when I need to be there.  I pray, work, trust and follow.

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