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Your Ideal Customer Worksheet

As a small business owner, you are constantly trying to attract new clients for your business.  But how? 

Understanding who your ideal client is will help you to target the correct audience with the correct message. 

Our free gift to you is an Ideal Client Profile Worksheet.

You can download the worksheet and begin on the right foot and target the right audience.

Leverage Your LinkedIn With This

LinkedIn Guide

One of the best and easiest ways to attract top-quality clients is by using LinkedIn. Why? Because LinkedIn is chock full of business people actively looking to make connections. That's right. They are already looking to connect with you, you just have to give them a reason to do so.

Even though it's a fairly simple process, many businesses get this wrong. They think if they put up the basic information, prospects will come flocking to their profile. WRONG! There's a little more to it than that. 

Our LinkedIn Quick Guide is designed to help you optimize your LinkedIn profile and provide you with a fe daily action tips--enable you to more fully engage with your audience.to you is free images you can use on your social platforms.

Fresh Impact 4 Biz Facebook Community

If you feel like the content you use to promote your business blends in with a zillion other posts, we invite you to join our community of business owners who are learning to use social media in a way that is fresh, authentic, and impactful.

Fresh Impact 4 Biz Community Facebook Group is a community of business owners and entrepreneurs who are passionate about supporting, empowering and encouraging each other! This high-impact, closed group is ready to #MakeAnImpact online and within their sphere of influence. Conversations, connections and collaborations are keys to making an impact not only in your business, but in your life!

Each week we provide you with discussion starters, social media tips, and lots of other fun stuff that will help YOUR BUSINESS stay active and engaged on social media. A place where we join together to share valuable tips and resources with each other.

Free Social Media Graphics

Free Social Media Images

As a small business owner, you know finding the time to source images, create content, and then schedule your posts can be straight-up overwhelming. We understand and are on a mission to help you connect with your audience. Our free gift to you is free images you can use on your social platforms.

You can download ALL or pick and choose the ones you like the best. In addition, each month you'll receive new graphics!

sample social media posting schedule

Free Content Calendar and Template

A content calendar helps you stay organized, helps you save time, keeps you accountable, and stay consistent so you can achieve your marketing goals. You'll receive a downloadable template and sample calendar, along with a video training. 

Free Monthly Goal & Evaluation Sheet

Unless you are measuring your success, you won't know if what you are doing is working. This monthly worksheet is perfect for reviewing what is working, knowing your key metrics and setting monthly metric goals. Stop wasting time and know what works for your business. 

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